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Build data entry forms and reports without writing code

Modern alternative to Microsoft Access

Since the early 1990s, Microsoft Access has provided an intuitive and approachable interface for building database applications, making it accessible to non-technical users. However, with the rise of modern, cloud-based database solutions and artificial intelligence, Access has fallen behind. Visual DB offers an upgrade path. Visual DB retains the familiar ease of use you love about Access while providing a web-based interface, enhanced scalability and reliability, and cloud-hosting to meet the evolving needs of your organization.

Access Visual DB
Create tables and relationships
Build forms
Build reports
Artificial Intelligence
Role-Based Access Control

Cut development costs

Developing and maintaining internal applications to enter and update records in a database is expensive. Now you can significantly lower costs by using Visual DB instead of developing custom applications.

No coding skills? No problem!

Visual DB is a productivity application, not a developer tool. You don't need to understand SQL or any other programming language to use Visual DB. You build forms using Visual DB's drag-and-drop interface.

Bring your own database

Other online tools store business data in their own private databases which means your data is siloed, and other internal systems can't access the data.

Visual DB lets you use your own database. You control your own data, and you can integrate your internal systems with the database.

Role-based access control

Users in your company don't all need the same level of access. Visual DB lets you grant some users in your company permission to design forms and sheets, while allowing other users to only enter and update data.

Database management

Manage your database

Visual DB offers all the essential tools needed to create and modify databases.

Browse through schemas, table data, and relationships with ease. View diagrams showing relationships between tables.

Visual DB supports creating and dropping tables, and adding and removing columns. It supports adding relationships between tables. It can import and export data to CSV files.

Design custom forms

You can build data entry forms using a drag & drop interface. You can rearrange fields, add data validation and change input types. You can even add logic to hide or disable fields. All without writing any code!

Learn more about Visual DB forms.

Form builder
Form builder

Update data using a spreadsheet

What if you could enter and update data in a database as easily as editing a spreadsheet?

Now you can! Visual DB can display database records in a spreadsheet format. Edit cells to update the corresponding database record.

Visual DB sheets support grouping rows. You can nest groups (for example, subcategories inside categories), and display totals at each level. Totals update instantly when you update values.

Upto 100,000 records can be displayed at a time. With advanced filtering that supports combining AND/OR conditions and instant full-text filtering, you can swiftly find the records you want to update.

Learn more about Visual DB sheets.

Build interactive reports

Build interactive reports consisting of tables and charts.

End-users can change the sort of a column, change the grouping, or filter data using nested AND/OR conditions. Totals update instantly as you change the groups and filters. As-you-type full-text filtering is also supported.

Visual DB can efficiently summarize and render data using pivot charts. Bar charts, pie charts, treemap, choropleth, scatter and bubble charts etc. are all supported.

Visual DB has excellent support for time-series analysis.

Learn more about Visual DB reports.


Build queries visually

Your database may contain millions of records, but you may only want to display, say, 50,000 records in the spreadsheet interface. Or you may want to display columns from lookup tables, in addition to columns from the main table.

Fortunately, Visual DB has an easy-to-use query builder that accommodates these needs. It transparently joins tables. It helps you build complex conditions visually, and supports query parameters.

Use Artificial Intelligence

There are three ways to build queries in Visual DB: Use our visual query builder (recommended), type the query in SQL (for those who know SQL), or just type your query in English! Our AI will translate your natural language queries to SQL.

Formula editor
Formula editor

Excel-style formulas

Excel-style formulas and functions are available if you need to add a calculated field.

Visual DB compiles formulas to JavaScript and sends them down to the browser, where they get executed at native performance.

Interactive Form Builder

interactive layout editor

Automatic Database Diagram

interactive layout editor

Supports popular databases and clouds

MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle and SQL Server databases are supported.
Cloud databases including Azure SQL, Amazon RDS, Google Cloud SQL and AlloyDB are supported.

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  • Unlimited connections, queries, forms.
  • Limited to one user account.
  • No role-based access control.
  • Business use not allowed.
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  • 5 users minimum.
  • All features of free version, plus:
  • Multiple user accounts.
  • Role-based access control.
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