Build data entry forms without coding

Visual DB lets you build great looking forms that work better than hand-coded forms.

Create, Read, Update and Delete

Unlike some other Forms products, Visual DB forms are not just for creating new records. You can create records, read and display existing records, update existing records, and delete records.

Locating records to update or delete is easy, thanks to Visual DB's support for query parameters and parameter prompting.

Two dimensional layout

Other form builders only allow you to layout input elements vertically, one element per row. This leads to unnatural layouts that are difficult to use. Visual DB allows you to layout elements along two dimensions. You can pack multiple related input elements in to the same row, for example, first name and last name, or city, state and zip.

Visual DB offers autmatic guides and snaps to help you align edges and match widths.

Customize input types

You can customize the type of input associated with a field. If available values are specified (see below), a dropdown is displayed. If a text field is intended to accept a few fixed strings, then you can use a radio input. True/False fields can use a checkbox or Yes/No radio buttons.

Available values and default value

You can enable the user to pick a value from a list of offered values, instead of having to type the value each time. You can also specify a default value for new records.

Client-side validation

Visual DB allows you to validate input before the form is sent to the server. Visual DB comes with built-in validations such as minimum value, maximum value, maximim length and so on that are dependent on the data type of the field. Furthermore, validations at a higher abstraction, such as those for social security number, email addreess, phone number and so on are also available.

In addition, 'Submit rules' allow you to do a final check, relating multiple fields, before the form is sent to the server.

Conditionally hide and disable inputs

Visual DB allows you to add logic — without writing code — to disable or hide inputs depending on values input to other elements.

Powerful parameter prompting

To update or delete a record you have to find it first. Visual DB has powerful parameter prompting features that let you quickly locate records. Multi-valued and cascading parameters (where the values seen in one dropdown depend on the value selected in the previous one) are also supported. To insert query parameters, use our easy-to-use query builder. No SQL knowledge is necessary.

Foreign keys

When a foreign key must be filled in, Visual DB assists you in finding the foreign record to link to. By default all records from the foreign table are displayed, but you can also specify a query in the case of large foreign tables.

Related tables

A form can only update fields from a single database table, but it can display fields from other related tables as well. Data from related tables are displayed as read-only.

Overwrite protection

Visual DB is designed from the ground up for multi-user databases, and it will not overwrite changes made to a record by another user.

Try it today with your own database.